All partners have experience in the field of long-term-mobility. All partners worked in the former LLP-Program under the action “People on the labour market” (PLM). It has been noticed by the partners that long mobilities are much more efficient for the VET-learners (as well as for the hosting companies) then short-term-mobilities. Our goal with this project application is to continue our successful cooperation as sending and hosting organizations in order to promote long-term-mobility in VET – Pro Move.

We want to find out, what demand exists for long-term-mobility for apprentices and in what professional sector. What are the demands of the apprentices, what are the demands of the companies? Are there any miss-matches? What kind of similar approaches the companies are already running? Are there special programs on national level? In the end of the project we will have a list of identificated risks / obstacles with a corresponding list of proposed (and tested) supporting measures.

To give an answer to the European Commission, we decided to work with our partners on the current situations of the labour market in our countries. How does the unemployment rate in each state look like? Which solutions are proposed from their governments? Do some other programmes for apprenticeships abroad exist? They all researched and tried to analyse the situation.

Survey – schools and students

Pro Move - result of questioning teachers and students

Survey – companies

ProMove - Obstacles Companies

Survey – legal and administrative obstacles

Pro Move - list of general obstacles

Survey – seminar for companies

Pro Move - intercultural seminar

Survey – language courses on the spot

Pro Move - OLS versus language course on the spot

Survey – video production